About Me

My specialty is getting your first website up quickly and efficiently so that you can start earning an income through the work that you love.

Beautiful Sites

I want you to love your business’s online home. Why? Because the work  you do is important and you’ll reach more people with confidence with the right website. All of the people (predominantly ladies) that I work with are doing such great things for others – so let’s spread that around, OK?

Reasonably Priced

Hey, I value my time as much as the next site designer – but I also know that site builds can be $$$$ and that this can be tough at certain stages of your business. (I learned how to build websites because I couldn’t afford to hire someone for my first one!) That’s why I’ve streamlined the process to get you a website you love without breaking the bank.

That You Can Maintain Yourself

I don’t want you to be at the mercy of a digital marketing company or anybody else in order to keep your site running and updated. Need continuing help? I’m here for you – but the goal is for you to be able to maintain your site on your own if that’s your wish!

Kara Ferreira

Hey there!

I’m an entrepreneur just like you, but with a knack for websites! In my other life, I’m a women’s health and fertility expert – and when I was just getting started I had no idea how to go about building my website. (In fact, I built a completely useless one and had to do it over again – twice).

Somewhere along the way I got GOOD at the website work – and I really started to enjoy it – and since there are only so many times I can redo my own sites, I took my skills to other female entrepreneurs who are stuck on their websites. I’ve since built online courses, membership sites, eCommerce sites – websites of all kinds! While I occasionally take other projects, my passion is to help female entrepreneurs in the health, wellness & creative spaces to get their work out into the world.

There are so many amazing women out there with businesses that help others to feel better, do better and live better in health, work and elsewhere – and I want to help them succeed. My services are geared towards those of you who are bootstrapping it (get that site launched & start your business!), so if you want a beautiful website that fits within the constraints of your budget, I’m your girl!

Bio notes: I’m a fur-baby mama, real-baby mama, wife, daughter, sister, friend who splits her time between NYC and CT because this work allows me to do that!

I’m also a self & business development nerd.